CFI Sport Airplane Training

Posted on October 14, 2020

Training for CFI Sport Pilot  (addon or initial)  now offered in a Remos GX at KHKY or using an aircraft (including Light Sport seaplanes provided by the student) on a case-by-case basis.


At the time of this writing. Always used the latest FARs to confirm all requirements.

  • Hold at least a Sport Pilot certificate.
  • Receive training and endorsement from a CFI-Sport or traditional CFI to take the computer based knowledge test and the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) knowledge tests. The computerized Prepware can also provide the training and on-line endorsements for both these knowledge tests.
  • Pass both the FOI knowledge test and CFI=S knowledge test for specific category.
  • Meet ALL Sport Pilot CFI requirements per 61.407 through 61.411. It should be noted that Spin training is required per 61.409 (m) for airplanes and sailplanes which can be done in a non-LSA aircraft certificated for spins.
  • Obtain and log training within 60 days before practical test with an authorized instructor and obtain endorsement for practical test from Sport or Private Pilot CFI in log book and on FAA 8710-11 form.
  • Pass CFI sport practical test with DPE/SPIE. Click here to find a DPE. (Chose from the “Examiner Listing” at bottom of page.)
  • Receive Sport Pilot CFI Certificate and log book endorsement for category/class of aircraft used for Practical test.
  • Note that unlike a traditional CFI governed by 14 CFR SubpartH, the CFI-Sport falls under Subpart K. There are no additional restrictions placed on the recommending instructor endorsing you for an initial CFI-Sport, unlike the restrictions imposed for a CFI initial for traditional Part H CFIs. Your recommending instructor does not have to be a “Two Year CFI.”

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