Flight Topics

This is a list of video tips and articles discussing a variety of aviation topics.


Aircraft Systems

Video: Cessna 172 Fuel System
Video: Understanding Piot Static Failures

Cockpit Instruments

Video: Magnetic Compass Errors

Flight Maneuvers

Tailwheel Landings: Piper Cub
Video: Commercial Lazy Eights
Video: Steep Turns
Video: Commercial Steep Turns
Video: Commercial Eights on Pylons: Setup
Video: Commercial Eights on Pylons: Tips and Tricks
Video: Control Inputs While Taxiing

Flight Planning

Video: How to calculate takeoff and landing distance

Instrument Flying

Video: How to fly an LPV with a GTN 560 – differences between LNAV and LPVs

Practical Test

Video: Airman Certification Standards
Practical Test Standards

Weather Charts

Video: Convective Outlook Charts  – a top consideration for the go/no-go decision.

What Not To Do

These are examples of what not to do, from arguing with ATC to poor ADM.
Video: Intense Argument between ATC and Instructor in Florida – An instructor with an extreme anti-authority attitude
Video: Pilot Violates Bravo