Sport Pilot Airplane

Note: The FAA has stated that in August 2023 at Air Venture Oshkosh, a “Noticed of Proposed Rule Making” to change the sport pilot rules will be announced. These changes are likely to allow many legacy training aircraft (such as Cessna 152s, 172s, and Piper Cherokees) to be operated under Sport Pilot Regulations.

This is a collection of resource links for aspiring Sport Pilots. These links are for convenience only – feel free to purchase what works best for you. I favor Sporty’s Pilot shop, but they can can also be purchased from other locations such as Amazon, Pilot Mall, etc.

Knowledge Resources

Sport Pilot Training Course Outline– free download – this is the syllabus I usually use unless a student requests the ASA, Adventure Productions, or Hamlilton syllabus.

Sport Pilot Airplane Practical Test Standards – free download or optionally  purchase a print copy

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook – download here or optionally purchase a print copy

FAA Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge – download here or or optionally purchase a print copy

2022 FAR/AIM – combined hard copy and digital copy

FAA Aviation Weather Services – download here or optionally purchase a copy

Recommended Training Videos

Sporty's Learn to Fly Course

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course


Sporty’s “Learn to Fly Course” – Free Preview available

Discount Code for Purchase: FLT9928

Enter the code during the order review for a discount valid for “Learn to Fly”, “Instrument Rating”, or “Commercial Test Prep”


E6B Flight Planning Options – Approved for FAA Knowledge Tests

Manual E6B – no batteries needed, but hard to use in flight
Sporty’s Electronic E6B  – econonmical but a bit older technology
ASA CX-3 Electronic E6B  – more expensive but more features

Cross Country Charts and Plotters

These can be purchased here

  • VFR Plotter
  • Charlotte Sectional Chart
  • Charlotte Terminal Area Chart
  • Chart Supplement (Southeast USA)

Pilot Logbook 

There are many options available.

Pilot Logbook – this is a good simple option from Sporty’s

Remos GX Pilot Operating Handbook

I often teach at Saltair in Hickory. Here is a link to the POH for that aircraft.