Dr. Shannon Moon is the operator of Moonbase Aviation and is an Instrument-rated Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, Multi-Engine Land, and Glider. She is a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor for Gliders and Airplanes Land/Sea), CFII (Instrument Instructor),  as well as a CGI (Certified Ground Instructor – Advanced & Instrument). She is available for flight training, simulator training, ground instruction, ferrying aircraft, instrument approach currency, and numerous endorsements (tailwheel, self-launch glider, high-performance, and complex).

Light Sport  Airplane and Seaplane training is a specialty, including the Icon A5, and Progressive Aerodyne Searey.

Shannon is a member of the Icon Authorized Flight Instructor program.

    If you are interested in flight training, ground school, drone services, or pilot services under contract, please use the form below. We try to return messages within 24 hours.

    Sport Pilot training is provided through Saltair Aviation in Hickory or in an aircraft provided by the prospective student.